I try really hard to feed my family fresh whole foods every day. I don’t want to go to the grocery store every day so the majority of the shopping is done one a week. Well once every 10 days if I am honest. I must bring home the fruit and veg and wash and prep it immediately. I do this because my kids and husband are appearance incapable of washing or cutting anything. If I bring home fruit that is already cut up it will disappear like magic. I have 2 teenage boys so pre-cut fruit gets a little costly. If I bring it home and put it in the refrigerator with out cutting it up it will sit and rot.


What I love about the Debbie Meyer® GreenBags® is that I can bring home fruit and quickly stick it in the bag for later if I cannot cut it up right away. This saves me from having it be rotted before I get to it. There is nothing more frustrating than buying asparagus and finding that 3 or 4 days later it is mushy and inedible. I cannot bear to have to go to the store every day and just buy what we are eating for dinner that night. I actually freeze all my meat so I can take a little longer in eating it and don’t have to but it that often. But fruit and veg do not work that way so the Debbie Meyer® GreenBags® give me that extra day or two before I prepare them for dinner.

Now with my fruit I have to wash and cut it up. But berries are the worst beacuse they go bad so quickly. I have tried rinsing them in vinegar and that does help but nothing works as well as the Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes™. My husband was dubious about weather this $19.95 set of 16 boxes with lids could really pay for itself. After one week he was amazed at how beautiful even the delicate raspberries looked. I think that in a months time these will have saved me at least their purchase price. these are BPA free which is important to me. I don’t want to poison my kids with chemicals in an effort to feed them fresh fruits and veggies. These are also supposed to keep baked goods longer as well. I have not tried them for that as I try to keep them full of fresh fruits and veg.

I also picked up some Debbie Meyer Microwave Steamer Bags. I thought they would be great for my husband to take to work with him for steaming his veg at lunch time. They are big enough to steam the whole families dinner veggies but my kids won’t really eat veggies steamed. I usually roast them or put them in a salad if I want to serve them veggies at dinner. He says they are easy to use and convenient. He just rinses them out and lets them dry to use again if he needs them.


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