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I don’t know about you but we are tech junkies. Every time a new gadget comes out, we are salivating and waiting in line. The problem with that is all the forgotten and discarded technology that ends up filling drawers and closets. I am always sure that someone in the family will be able to use it later so I should not give it away. As a result I have two iPod nanos in my desk drawer, a kids tablet under the TV with the
remotes, two iPod 32 video players in my lingerie drawer and an iPod touch in the kitchen junk drawer. And don’t even get me started on the old phones.

I have never felt comfortable sending my old gadgets out to an unknown person in the hopes that they will

ATM - Fast Fun and Eco Friendly-ecoATM

send me money back. I guess I am just not all that trusting. So when I saw the ecoATM I got giddy. I was running through the house looking for all that old technology so I could trade it for CASH. Beautiful Wonderful CASH Folks!

I am not kidding. You put your device in the Kiosk and out comes cash. There is a little mumbo jumbo in between but real honest to goodness cash comes out. WAIT there’s more! You can designate that a portion of your money back go to charity. So that means you can feel good, help the environment, help some one else, free up some real estate in the junk drawer and go to lunch. BOOM! That is what I call magic.

There are approximately 900 of these kiosks through out the country. Cash ranges from $1-$300. $300 is a

pretty nice pair of shoes for mommy. 75% of these devices find a new home. The rest are recycled with certified ewaste companies to make sure they are deposed of responsibly. In 2013, the ecoATM network of kiosks resulted in a savings equivalent to enough electricity to power more than 2,750 U.S. homes and a hazardous waste reduction equivalent to the weight of 267 refrigerators.

In January of 2014 these guys recycled their 2 millionth device. That is 1,544 pounds of silver baby and 70,000 pounds of copper.

Okay so now you are saying, “I got some junk in my trunk, where do I go to get me some moola?” Just go here and put in your zip code they will find one for you.

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