Every great adventure has a sound track. Make this year the year you chose the playlist.

Aquatune weather proof speakers



Aquatune 5712-The most compact speaker in the line, the 5712 was created to bring along with on any adventure. Waterproof, shockproof, and built to float, the speaker emits up to 10 hours of dynamic sound. Aquatune 5712 will ensure that your tunes never get left behind. Coming this holiday season, Aquatune 5712 will be available to purchase in all Container Store locations in the USA. Retail: $39.99



Aquatune 9612-The all-terrain, weatherproof speaker seamlessly pumps out up to 12 hours of crisp continuous play. aquatune-9612It’s the perfect companion for backpacking, camping, and hanging out regardless of where the road leads. Retail: $64.99







aquatune-12610Aquatune 12610-The most powerful of the three, the 12610 puts 12 watts of power at its users’ fingertips and 10 hours of continuous music in their ears. The crystal clear playback will impress in even the harshest of environments. Retail: $89.99
















Be Adventure Ready Anytime with the Matador Daylite 16


A palm sized daypack ready when you are

matador-daylite-16-1From city to summit, the compact and portable Matador Daylite16 is a weatherproof pack for every adventure.  The Daylite16 is Matador’s latest innovation in packable adventure travel gear.  This weatherproof 16 liter backpack is ideal for daytrips and excursions, with the perfect amount of space.  When not in use, the 4.1 ounce backpack packs up to the size of an apple.  Solve your packing challenges by bringing the Daylite16 with you packed away, and have an additional backpack on hand for when you need it.  From navigating the airport halls to experiencing a sunset on the other side of the world, the Daylite16 is the best ultralight pack for the journey.

I am a carry on kind of girl. This is the perfect size and weight to pack light. You know those string backpacks are awful if you are carrying a water bottle or two. This has breathable air flow straps and a great water bottle pocket on each side and plenty of room inside for a jacket or two and your wallet. Going to the beach on vacation? Think you might do some shopping. Pack this perfect travel companion. You will be glad you did.

Like always, Matador has built the Daylite16 from the best materials in the outdoor industry.  Featuring 100% Waterproof Cordura® ripstop material, matte waterproof zippers, and Duraflex® hardware, the Daylite16 is weatherproof and durable enough for every endeavor.  With unmatched packability, the Daylite16 is always on hand and ready for adventure. $49.95


Oregami Luggage


UPF50 tutublue is Perfect All Year ‘Round


Mother Nature may be changing the weather, but that doesn’t mean the sun is less harsh. tutublue specializes in top-quality beach suits and leggings which block 97% of the sun’s UV rays to prevent serious skin damage. Lightweight and comfortable, this activewear line is filled with fun and cheerful prints that are suitable any time of the year . . . perfect for stand-up paddling, running, swimming, traveling and more!


tutublue is transforming the typical beachwear with its high-quality features:


  • Durable Fabric– Despite constructed with ultra-thin, lightweight fabric, each clothing item is built to sustain athletic performance.
  • Quick Dry– Although tutublue beach suits resemble wetsuits, they don’t feel like them. The quick drying formula of tutublue leggings and suits always assures you can be active without feeling sticky and uncomfortable.
  • Guaranteed Protection– tutublue’s fabric is UPF50, always affirming your skin is safe and shielded from the harsh UV rays.
  • Flattering Silhouette for All Body Types– Each pair of leggings and beach suits are constructed to support all body sizes and shapes.

After recovering from a battle with skin cancer, designer Sarah Buxton was inspired to create a line that can be stylish, worn anywhere, and give your skin the protection it needs.


Each tutublue item has the duality to be worn in and out of the water. With fun designs and durable material, girls and women can wear this activewear all year

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