I am of an age that I see many of my friends, who have been married for a long time, getting divorced. In fact one of the “Life After’s” I was referring to in the title of this blog is life after divorce. I see how my friends are re-imagining themselves, trying new things, and moving in new directions. One of the most common direction for all of them is entering the dating world again. Some of them are re-entering the dating world just as their kids are entering the dating world.  And with kids comes technology.

I am a blogger. I spend more time on social media and the internet than I allow my kids to do. So dating websites are not new to me.  I have  found that there are beautiful women in Russia that are dying to meet me. Asian women and Black women that are looking for love. I usually just delete these messages after reading the subject line. I have been married forever. When I was dating last we didn’t even have cell phones. So listening to my friends experiences had been very entertaining. But keeping track of it all has become tedious. So I developed a chart. Like a football pool only for dating. In this way I can be entertained and possibly make a little extra cash for guessing which of the profiles will ultimately be a “one and done” or “secretly married”. I put in some of my least favorite behaviors, but you can put in your own “deal breakers”.

The Dating Pool Graphic




My friends that are single and have huge social media followings also get random people asking if they can perfome sexual acts on them. Sometimes in a foreign language, sometimes in english. sometimes in both. Just incase you needed a translation. Like that would make their proposition more attractive. I have had women tell me that the last four dates they went out on the men each asked if they were open to a threesome. Oh yeah on the first date they asked this. Another woman told me she dated a guy for over a year before she discovered he was married. And still living with his wife.

Online dating sites are filled with people who are honestly trying to find a partner. But they are also full of people just wanting to “hook up”. I don’t judge. What ever is your motivation let the rest of us enjoy guessing who will be a one and done. who will turn out to be still married and who will send you a random picture of their genitalia. I just want to put $5 on the guy who loves long walks on the beach and writes poetry. I am guessing he is going to send a dick pic. I mean really? What 50 year old man writes poetry? Limericks maybe but poetry? Men only write poetry thinking they will get into your pants. How dumb are they?


Say Your Piece


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