I am all about personal style. I think that owning your look makes you feel confident and confidence equals sexy. So, as I raised my boys, I tried to let them express their personal style. As long as it was with in the school dress code and clean. I seem to always be trying to get them to wear CLEAN clothes. I would say 90% of the time they pick their own clothes.


We are planing a cruise and I brought up over dinner the need for each of them to have, bring, and wear a suit on the “formal” nights. Now that the Tech Monkey  is over 6 feet tall, I will need to buy him a suit. I suggested that he go on the internet and look at suit styles so we could narrow down our shopping trip. I expected that he would look at GQ, Boss, maybe Tom Ford ( He is a guy after all) but no. This is what he brought to me as his IDEAL suit.

mens-stars-and-stripes-suitNow I am not sure when he decided he was related to Liberace. But I am the only one in this house allowed to be flamboyant. Being the only girl and all. I am hoping that he really was just trying to pull my chain. If not, I have sincerely fallen down on the job when it comes to fashion sense and my son. When I saw this I asked if it came with the Uncle Sam top hat. He said “No but I am sure I can find one to finish out my look.” I am not sure if I want to have dinner on the cruise with Uncle Sam. I will have to find a way to get him in a suit that is not an embarrassment.



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My kids are finally all in High School. One is driving. I am FREE! I want to discover all there is to do and be now that the vomit diapers and carpool are over. Let the ADVENTURE begin!

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