Not a very sexy topic, but I cannot in good conscience start the new year without sharing this information from Dr Mache Seibel. If you are suffering from symptoms of menopause, or are like me in pre menopause but are having symptoms, I wanted you to have the facts. So I asked Dr Seibel to write this article just for you….ok and me.


Asking how to treat the symptoms of menopause in 300 to 500 words is almost as challenging as saying, “Tell me how to make a million dollars in 300 to 500 words. It’s a longer explanation that has to be individualized, but let me paint an overview.

Treatment of Menopause Symptoms by Mache Seibel, MD


If you’re like most of the over 10,000 patients I’ve helped through menopause, you are probably struggling with at least some of these symptoms:

✓ Hot flashes

✓ Vaginal dryness

✓ Poor sleep

✓ Brain fog

✓ Weight gain

✓ Low libido and more


It’s a transition your body goes through, sort of like puberty but in reverse, and it happens in phases that keep you off balance – both emotionally and hormonally.


Perimenopause when you’re not sure what is going on;


Menopause when you’re in the throws of it, and


Post Menopause when you’ve been through it and you feel like a different person and you’re not sure what to expect any more.


So the best treatments depend on where you are in your transition, your personal preferences and what symptoms are most worrisome. And during these changes, treatments may work for a while and then become less effective as things change.  If you want to know where you are in this journey, visit the free


So you have to find someone to work with you over time – the entire transition can take three to five years and even up to ten years – unless you have surgery to remove your ovaries and it throws into menopause literally overnight.


Here are some guidelines to help you optimize your transition and minimize your symptoms and hopefully make you feel like a million dollars. And if one thing doesn’t work after about 2-3 months, don’t be afraid to ask for another.


In perimenopause:

  • Usually there is enough estrogen and not enough progesterone – talk with your provider about adding progesterone to the second half of your cycle. No not the stuff you buy in a tube over the internet – it’s too weak to help most women
  • Some women go on a low dose birth control pill and find it very effective
  • If you want to try over the counter remedies for a specific symptom, everything works for some women and nothing works for everyone
  • Exercising regularly, eating healthy, lowering stress and getting enough sleep help everyone. Remember – time spent on you isn’t lost; it’s invested!


For Menopause:

  • Estrogen will be beneficial and safe for the majority of women. Yes there has been a ton of confusing data about how unsafe and scary it is, but recent data has disproven almost all of that. And if you want all the nitty-gritty to see for yourself, read my best selling book, The Estrogen Window.
  • If you are in early menopause – before age 46 – either naturally or due to surgery, taking estrogen is essential if at all possible. It will help prevent an increased risk of heart disease, dementia, bone loss and diabetes – all very important
  • For a more holistic approach, whether or not you choose to take estrogen, getting more sleep, exercise, eating healthy and stress control will help you.
  • For specific symptoms there are a variety of estrogen alternatives. Some are prescription such as Brisdelle for hot flashes and Osphena for vaginal dryness. There are also over the counter remedies.


For Post Menopause:


You may also be wondering what you can do to get back to the way things were. Unfortunately, life is a one-way street. The good news is you have a lot of control over how you make the journey. Here are some suggestions to smooth your ride.

  • Lifestyle is key. Make habits that support good health. My motto is, “It’s better to stay well than to get well™.
  • Create a circle of support – have girlfriends and meet with them regularly
  • Nurture the Nurturer – Women often put their family, friends and work before themselves. Altruism is a virtue, but over time it can lead to exhaustion and burn out. Remember to place the oxygen mask over your face before assisting others.
  • It’s never too late to start – Wherever you are is a great place to begin. Just get started. When you blow up a balloon, the first puff is the hardest; then it gets easier. Create small, winnable goals, then rinse and repeat


About Mache Seibel, M.D.

Dr. Mache Seibel, one of America’s leading experts on women’s wellness and menopause, is author of The Estrogen Window ( He has served 20 years on the Harvard Medical School faculty in the past and will soon be returning. He also appears regularly on national television, including MSNBC, Today, Inside Edition and PBS.


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